CZ's Kitchen

Eco-System breakdown

Our Eco-System will include various assets, that will generate income. All the income that it's being generated will get injected into CZ's Kitchen. Here are a few examples of what we are aiming for:
  • P2E game - Master Chefs - We will launch a token + NFT line for our P2E. There will be a tax implemented to the token and royalty fee to the NFTs, that will be going into our Treasury.
  • The NFTs will also be very limited amount, and each NFT will be granting you an invitation to our " Inner circle ". As a part of the " Inner circle " you will have your hands on exclusive Seed and Private sales, network, connections and many many more
  • CZ's Kitchen merchandise - Clothes and Kitchen equipment
  • Incubator
  • To be announced
Keep in mind most of the income that's being generated will be coming from our Treasury investments.