CZ's Kitchen

Roadmap breakdown

  • Brainstorming and planning
  • Write the contract
  • Submit the contract for Audit
  • Create Designs, Website and Social media profiles
  • Form the core marketing team for the projects - Influencers, partners, marketers, advisors
  • Disclose the social media profiles to the public and initialise marketing Phase 1
    - Once we initialise phase 1 of our marketing plan, it will continue until the day of launch.
  • Launch + Marketing phase 2 - Marketing phase 2 will be initialised on the day of launch. It's going to be aggressive and strategic marketing.
  • Announce our first Partnership.
  • Open our Incubation Program.
  • Create international communities and focus on marketing based on geographic segmentation.
Once social media dominance is achieved we move to:
  • Ambassador program - Get Celebrities onboard, that would like to become the next Master Chef in CZ's Kitchen!
  • Announce our first Celebrity partnership and initialise a massive YouTube + Twitter campaign.
  • Release " CZ's Kitchen " merchandise - Clothes + kitchen equipment.
Once ABSOLUTE social dominance is achieved we move forward to:
  • Implementing our next asset to the Eco-System - Master Chefs P2E ( Token launch + NFTs )
  • NFT Marketplace integrated to our DApp.
  • EXCLUSIVE NFT Line, that will grant you access to the " Inner Circle ". The NFT Line will be very limited.
  • Shift to new market - Twitch + P2E YouTubers ( Gamers )
Only once after everything of the above mentioned is executed, we will release Whitepaper v2. Our focus and goal will NEVER change - We want to be ( and we will be ) the ultimate passive income protocol. Not only on BSC, but also multichain.
Keep in mind that every: Contest and event for creators or the community, giveaways, and any other social engaging initiatives are considered as part of our Marketing plan. That's why they haven't been included in the road map.