CZ's Kitchen

What are Chefs?

Chefs are your " Miners ". They cost 1,080,000 ( 1,08M ) Dishes. Chefs produce Dishes, and you can see your Dishes amount converted into BnB on our DApp in the " Rewards " box.

I clicked on Hire Chefs ( compound ) and now my Dishes are gone, what's going on!? Did i get scammed??

No, you haven't been scammed, chill. When you Hire Chefs ( compound ), you exchange your pending Dishes ( rewards ) for Chefs ( Miners ). Your Dishes amount will be reset to 0, but your Chefs amount will increase, accordingly to the Chefs/Dishes ratio (1:1.08M). The more Chefs you have, the more Dishes they cook ( produce )